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Legal aspects

1.0 Terms of Use

These terms are valid for the entire contents of the domain and for all domains referred to therein as well as for all current print products bearing this name. The firm Compustreet GmbH acts merely as an intermediary of vehicle data and has no influence on the sale or purchase of the vehicles on offer.

1.1 Ownership and Other Protective Rights

The information which can be accessed over the website may be protected and may only be used with the permission of the owner. Reproduction, transmission or a linking of the Internet platform requires in each case the express written permission of the firm Compustreet GmbH. Infringements will be legally pursued.

1.2 Data Protection

All of the transferred data which is referred to within the contracts (technical details, videos, logos, pictures, etc.) may be made accessible to third parties. Compustreet GmbH commits itself to abiding to the legal requirements regarding data protection. The customer acknowledges in particular that data on persons is accessible also in states which do not recognize legislation regarding data protection to a similar degree or extent as Switzerland.

1.3 Intellectual Property

All rights regarding intellectual property in relation to the services provided by Compustreet GmbH remain with Compustreet GmbH or with an authorized third party. In order to make use of the services of Compustreet GmbH, customers receive the non-transferable and non-exclusive right of use for the duration of the contract.

1.4 Liability

Compustreet GmbH is not responsible for the publicized information and accepts no liability for this information. This is valid for contractual agreements such as sale and rental contracts, as well as for guarantees for the goods and services on offer. Compustreet GmbH accepts no liability for unlawful actions perpetrated by the user towards the advertiser, for example in the event of unauthorized copying of content, etc. Compustreet GmbH undertakes to resolve all technical breakdowns which lie within their authority within a reasonable time. Claims extending above any beyond this limitation cannot be made. In particular, Compustreet GmbH is not responsible in any way for breakdowns or interruptions in the availability of the provided systems or of Internet. No liability at all will be accepted for resulting damages and lost profits. Compustreet GmbH accepts no responsibility for incoming and outgoing links to the website.

1.5 Amendments

Compustreet GmbH has the right to amend at any time the technical requirements of its service and its range of service. The advertiser declares himself / herself in agreement with these amendments insofar as such changes do not detrimentally affect his or her claims to service provision.

1.6 Coming into Force, Duration and Cancellation of Contract

This contract comes into force upon the signing of both parties on the date stated n the contractual agreement. The contract between Compustreet GmbH and the advertiser (garage and trader) has a duration of 12 months. These contracts are prolonged automatically by a further 12 months if neither of the contractual parties has cancelled the contract in writing at least 3 months prior to the expiration date of the contract.

1.6.1 Inkrafttreten, Dauer und Kündigung des Vertrages (Private)

Der Kunde hat die Möglichkeit nach der Registrierung der Benutzer-Daten, sein Fahrzeug für 14 (30/60) Tage zu inserieren. Nach 14 (30/60) Tage Veröffentlichung, läuft die Insertion aus und muss nicht gekündigt werden.

1.7 Prices and Terms of Payment

The prices agreed upon are fixed prices for a period of one year and will be invoiced once yearly, in advance, by the firm Compustreet GmbH. This invoice is to be paid by the advertiser within 30 days. A fee of CHF 20.- will be charged for reminders. (Traders and garages) All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. Prices are subject to alteration at any time. WIR checks are not accepted.

1.8 Updating of Data

The customer is solely responsible for the validity of his / her data and information. Compustreet GmbH is not liable for damages emanating from an erroneous publication of data.

1.9 Terms for the Production of Video and Digital Advertising Media

The digital short films attaining to the subscription forms "business" und "first" are recorded, cut and dubbed by Compustreet GmbH. A maximum of 10 working days is allocated for the production of short films as well as buttons, banners and skyscrapers. Für die Erstellung, führt Compustreet GmbH a maximum of 2 suggestions. Should no written complaints be received within 20 days, it will be assumed that these have been accepted. After such a period, charges will be made for any further alterations.

2.0 Print Media

Copying of the auto-online magazine, even in excerpt form, is not allowed without the written permission of the firm Compustreet GmbH

2.1 Data protection at Goldbach Audience

Personal data

Personal data includes all information that relates to a specific or identifiable (natural or legal) person, such as first and last name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number and similar data.

Gathering personal data

Goldbach Audience gathers and stores personal or use-related data only to the extent that this is necessary for the fulfillment of contractual or legal obligations (e.g., orders, offers, etc.). Goldbach Audience handles personal data according to the strict rules of the applicable data protection regulations.

Non-personal usage data

No personal data is gathered through the appearance of banners, buttons, pop-up windows and similar advertising tools; only impersonal usage data is temporarily registered. This usage data (log files) provides information about the IP address, the last page visited, the operating system, browser versions, date, time and the reaction to the advertising tool shown (clicks). This anonymous usage data from the user in a compiled form is solely intended for the preparation of target group-oriented advertising.

Goldbach Audience ensures that the usage data or usage profile is not combined with personal data or that the online user data profile is not combined with potential offline address data.


Goldbach Audience uses cookies (small files with configuration information) in some cases only to improve the appearance of advertising tools for the user. These cookies do not make use of any personal data. In the process, the repetition frequency of advertising tools drops to the benefit of the user and thus the quality of advertising increases.

Internet browsers are generally set to accept cookies. However, users can also deactivate the saving of cookies or set their browser so that the user is notified before cookies are sent.

User data is stored on specially protected servers. Access is only possible for specially authorized persons who are involved with the technical or commercial maintenance and upkeep of the server (strict access protocols and controls).

The rapid development of the Internet may require modifications to our data protection declaration. Goldbach Audience will provide information in this location about any updates due to technical, legal or other reasons. Please contact us if you have questions on this topic.

Possibility to opt-out / opt-in

If you do not agree with the use of cookies by Goldbach Audience, you can deactivate the saving and use of your interests or reactivate them at a later point in time.

The deactivation of the tracking cookies is made using the same technique, in which a so-called "opt-out cookie" is placed on your computer that does not permit the anonymous gathering of data. If you intend to delete all your cookies, please note that the opt-out cookie may also be lost and may have to be renewed.

Goldbach Audience currently uses two cookies to optimize the delivery of advertising means. One comes directly from our technology supplier DoubleClick and the other is from our targeting specialists at AudienceScience.

2.2 Final terms

Compustreet GmbH must be informed in writing of each case of business closure and change of location. No liability is accepted for printing errors or other wrong information. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Baden. Compustreet GmbH reserves the right to carry out at any time any amendments to the Terms of Use as presented here.

As of: 01.2011

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